InJoy CHA! Story

InjoyCHA! is a product line of InJoy Integration, LLC {I&I} ,a Denver,CO Food AZ Medicine company established on Earth Day 2014. I&I is focused on serving the World ::Nourishing Nutrient-dense products , including Unique and Complex Herbal and Medicinal Mushroom Ferments. All products are created in a certified Kitchen with focused Intention for the healing of humanity and our planet Earth. All beverages are made with , A Rocky Mountain Spring in Gilpin County,CO found to be one of the 3 purest sources of water in the world. I &I was founded by Manda Pendleton, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Artist and Educator who began brewing InJoyCHA in 2010 after she tried her first Herbal ‘Kombu’CHA.  Manda has been formulating with herbs, foods and essences for over 20 years and began her herbal education at age 5, learning from her Hungarian great-grandmother, Anna. In 2009, Manda was sent to Northern Ghana by USAid to assist the Traditional healers and their children with Natural Health Education & medicine making enterprise. The combination of Manda’s extensive herbal schooling {3.5 years at the Rocky Mountain botanical studies in Boulder,CO} constant research and developed intuition are extremely positive for high quality vitalistic energetic formulation which work powerfully and expediently. This line of probiotic beverages is called InJoyCHA because they are so much more than ‘Kombu”CHA. Kombu was a 3rd centuray Korean Physician who made a healing elixir that cured the Emperor. We live In Joy & Only the best Organic (pending certification) Raw Sustainable ingredients are utilized to make Premium Health Products that you can truly Feel and Trust.  


“The reviews have been as effervescent as the drink itself! Kombucha on tap and in the bottle claims a slightly sweet and fizzy flavor that is oddly addicting. Artisanal, Craft-Brewed Kombucha from Denver-based clinical herbalist Manda Pendleton’s company “In Joy Integration’s varieties of “Cha,” AKA Kombucha, combines a thoughtful balance of taste and tonic. Each ingredient is handpicked to enhance flavor and target specific health concerns.”

-Telluride Magazine Summer/Fall 2018

“InjoyCHA has the most sophisticated flavors. I dont know how they do it. - another CO Kombucha brewer

“I Tried 1000 kombuchas at kombuchaCON and No one can come close to what InJoyCHA is doing. Injoycha is the best tasting Kombucha on the market.”

- Natural Products Industry executive

This is my first time trying Injoy Integration Kombucha and I am in love! I tried the pumkin'cha. Im a huge fan of anything pumpkin anytime of year so I really liked this flavor! I will say though that the pumpkin spices aren't over powering at all! It is flavored very delicately and nicely! I also really like that it is made in Colorado! I would recommend this product to any kombucha lover! I can't wait to try the other flavors. They have some that I have never seen any other company make before. -Madison Alverez , Denver CO